Warehouse Catalogue - Tilda Swinton



A large format and quite extensive magazine produced for Warehouse stores. A rare vintage 1980s issue.


The magazine was produced oversized and folded. The magazine remains folded and as such has creasing to the middle of the pages

Some remarkable images within the issue.

A tribute to and images by Norman Parkinson.

Editorial by Kim Knott. Robert Erdmann. Carrie Branovan. Tony McGee

2 pages with David Hockney including one image by Norman Parkinson

10 sublime pages with Tilda Swinton

2 pages with Curiosity Killed The Cat

20 pages with Lisa Marie and 1 page with Lord Snowdon by Andrew MacPherson

2 pages with Dexter Fletcher

Condition: Good. A tear to the edge of the main cover. With creasing to the join of the middle page fold as mentioned.