One man and his magazine obsession! 

Magazine canteen is the culmination of a lifetime's obsession with everything ‘magazine’. Over 30 years of magazine collecting since the early 1980s. 

A desire to own the ‘physical object’ of something printed just the once. And then it's gone… awaiting the launch of the next issue the week or month after. 

What started off with keeping each fortnightly issue of Smash Hits grew into wanting each magazine with a certain celebrity, singer or model. This then led to discovering new titles, and then completing those titles too! Over the years this has grown into an appreciation of all aspects of the printed form. It's not just about having a run of the magazines themselves, but an archive of perhaps a particular fashion model, a comprehensive body of work of a particular photographer or an awareness of how a celebrity can adapt to a new character for different publications over the years. 

The magazine collection grows and changes daily. I still purchase far too many magazines, It’s difficult to stop. Magazines come, magazines go. I have a passion for dozens of collections I still collect avidly whilst still being a little partial to those old smash hits!

The point of magazine canteen is to give the same satisfaction to you as I feel when I finally find that magazine I’ve been looking for for years. Way before the internet, this was pretty difficult and I’d go to some lengths, phoning publication houses worldwide for back issues. 

It could be that you want to complete a collection by just a few issues, or that you just need one more magazine with your favourite actor!

If a magazine is for sale from Magazine Canteen. Its unlikely to disappoint you. I’ve purchased 100s of magazines on auction sites, claiming to be in ‘great condition’ only to find it to have got coffee stains, smells, pages removed or any other annoying factor. That won’t happen here. Any magazine you see for sale has been checked over and if it has been messed up in any way, it's not going to make it for sale.

I’ve taken great pleasure in supplying art galleries with vintage issues for certain photography exhibitions, documentary makers, and even the fashion models themselves obtaining some of their earliest work.

You may have just discovered a new magazine title and you want the earlier issues now! I know from experience that some magazines can be easy to find, and some take literally years.

For those with patience, good luck to you… but for those wanting something a little earlier…. I've done the work for you! Thanks for looking.