Vogue Paris Magazine - Clio Goldsmith


Vogue Paris Magazine

Year of Publication: 1980

Cover model: Clio Goldsmith

Photographer: Albert Watson

This issue is huge in content.

22 pages of furs advertorial for Gorsvener Canada

20 pages of Calvin Klein advertorial

Tonnes more fashion adverts


Vanity - 10 pages on Manhattan New York. 2 models on The Brooklyn Bridge and more by Uwe Ommer


48 pages on runway editorial by Vladimir Sichov

Sculptures Tissees - 4 pages by Alexis Stroukoff

Garden Partez - 16 pages by Norman Parkinson - includes 4 pages with Carmen Dell'Orefice

Le grand court - 16 pages by Albert Watson

Carnets de bals - 12 pages by Horst

24 more pages by Norman Parkinson as a Vogue travel promotion editorial

Roma Roma - 10 pages by Amanda Sposito

16 pages of furs by Horst

8 pages by Francois Lamy

A fashion edit by Alexis Stroukoff includes 1 page who could be Gia Carangi ?? See the image supplied. 

Condition: Good. A few small creases to the edge of the cover

This is an enormous issue. Should be handled with care.