Vanity Fair Magazine - The Music Issue


Vanity Fair Magazine.

Year of issue: 2003

Cover Star: The Music Issue

Queen Latifah. Willie Nelson. Norah Jones. Dr Dre and more.



Confessions of a vinyl junkie - 4 pages with David Bowie discussing his Vinyl collections.

Q&A - A 1 page interview with Simon Le Bon from Duran Duran

The music portfolio includes images with:

The Dixie Chicks. Perry Farrell. Bette Midler. Marianne Faithfull The Donnas. Anna Terrebko by Julian Broad. Diane Krall with Elvis Costello. Coldplay. Avril Lavigne. 50 Cent. Queens of the stone age. Willie Nelson. Ryan Adams. Lou Reed with Laurie Anderson

A 6 page report on Led Zeppelin. 

A 4 page report on Liza Minnelli

A half page interview with Aretha Franklin

Condition: Good.