Vanity Fair Magazine - Leonardo DiCaprio The Hollywood Issue USA


Vanity Fair Magazine USA

Year of issue: 1996

Cover Star: The Hollywood Issue

Tim Roth. Leonardo DiCaprio. Matthew McConaughy. The cover folds out two more times with more actors.


The Hollywood portfolio includes

Faye Dunaway. Gene Hackman. Dustin Hoffman. Alicia Silverstone. Harvey Keitel. Nicolas Cage. Mel Gibson. Jodie Foster. Gwyneth Paltrow with Blythe Danner. Kevin Spacey. Angela Bassett. Elisabeth Shue. Antonio Banderas. Charlotte Rampling. Sean Penn.

Condition: Very Good. A small crease bump to the bottom right of the cover. 


The scan provided is of the actual item for sale. The MagazineCanteen watermark has been added to our scanned image only to protect our online data. This does not appear on the magazine itself.