Vanity Fair Magazine - Julia Louise Dreyfus


Vanity Fair Magazine USA

Year of issue: 1997

Cover Star: Julia Louise Dreyfus

This is the USA issue for March. ( The same month as the iconic issue mentioned here, the content within is largely similar )


A large London Swings Again portfolio by David Lachapelle, Michael Roberts. Lorenzo Agius and Dafydd Jones


Liam and Patsy.

Iris Palmer with Jodie Kidd, Jasmine Guinness and Honor Fraser.

Daman Albarn with Phil Daniels

Damien Hirst with Alex James and Keith Allen.

A 1 and a half-page image with The Spice Girls

Later -

4 pages with Julia Louise Dreyfus

An 8 page report on Tupac Shakur

Condition: Good. 


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