Vanity Fair Magazine - Cameron Diaz Kate Winslet The Hollywood Issue


Vanity Fair Magazine.

Year of issue: 1997

Cover Star: The Hollywood Issue

A 3 page fold out cover - Cameron Diaz, Kate Winslet. Claire Danes on the front. More revealed on the next two pages. 



Hollywood portfolio includes

Kristin Scott Thomas. ( a small tear to the bottom of the Kristen page ) Robin Williams with Eddie Murphy. Jim Carrey. Madonna. Lauren Bacall. Edward Norton. Diane Keaton. Nicole Kidman. Steve Buscemi. Samuel L Jackson. Val Kilmer. Kevin Bacon. Cuba Gooding Jr

Condition: Good. A very light amount of surface wear to the cover. 


The scan provided is of the actual item for sale. The MagazineCanteen watermark has been added to our scanned image only to protect our online data. This does not appear on the magazine itself.