TV Life Magazine - Petula Clark

TV Life Magazine

A rare TV guide title from 1974

Cover star: Petula Clark



A 1 page Santa article with Terry Blair

A 1 page Christmas image of Petula Clark and family by Brian Moody

Alone in a £300,000 production - 4 pages on Stanley Baker and Jeny Runacre - Images by Penny Tweedie

Have a beautiful weekend. A 2 page beauty feature with 15 images of Susan Blair by Anthony Boase - aka Tony Boase

2 pages with Susan Hampshire

2 pages of women's lingerie photographed by Sandra Lousada - modelled by Adrienne Corri

4 pages at home with Roy Castle and family - with images by David Steen

Condition: Good. A small water stain to the left side near the spine