The Sunday Times - The 25th Anniversary issue

The Sunday Times Magazine

Cover: The 25 year Anniversary issue - A silver print cover.


Our times - A 2 page interview with the editorial Godfrey Smith

Seven deadly sins - 1 page with Mandy Rice Davies writing about Lust.

Twenty Five and looking very likely - A 6 age portfolio of images by Michael O'Brien - includes Charlie Nicholas. Mary Anne Sieghart. Beatie Edney and others.

A 2 page report on PJ Proby. Includes a David Bailey image from his original appearance in a 1965 issue ( also on Magazine Canteen ) and a new image by James Merrell.

How did we live without them - 4 pages with 18 portraits by Tim O'Sullivan

A life in the day - A 1 page interview with Colin Tudge


Condition: Good. Small tear at the stapled area of the spine.