The Sunday Times Magazine - Demi Moore


The Sunday Times Magazine

Cover: Demi More by Patrick Demarchelier


Relative Values - Interview with Ian Botham and son

Trouble in Tubbyland - A 6-page report on The Teletubbies

3 pages with Demi Moore

The last rites - 5 pages with Ed Kashi

36 pages on men's fashion. 

Suitable boys - 6 pages of fashion by Marcus Tomlinson - includes 3 images of Ben Jackson

Paint it black - A Kim Andreolli editorial includes: Chris Ofili. Barry Reigate. Gary Hume. Gavin Turk. Pascal Hervey.

Go on my son - A 1 page interview with Alexander McQueen - includes a quarter-page image by Joakim Blockstrom

Condition: Very Good.