The Sunday Times Magazine - Beachy Head


The Sunday Times Magazine

Cover: Beachy Head by Tim MacPherson


Relative Values - interview with Mordecai Richler and daughter Martha

Cruise Missile - 4 pages with Renee Zellweger

A large report on the suicide spot at Beachy Head. With images by Peter Marlow

( A hard-hitting feature, this article was referenced later in the ST as a look back at moving features - with sad news, the woman in the article did eventually succeed in taking her own life )

The Kings troop - 7 pages with images by Stephen Gill

Trial and error - 5 pages on crime witness - with images by David Harrison

A life in the day - 1 page interview with Helena Bonham Carter

Condition: Good. A minor warp to the issue. Slight creasing to the left side of the cover. A small fold crease to the corner of most pages