The Observer Magazine - Colin Jones


The Observer Magazine.  

Cover story: Dodge City

Photographer if known: Colin jones

Photography within this issue also worth a mention:

Tall stories - A 4 page architecture feature. Includes The Post Office Tower and others by Tom Smith

12 pages with Images by Colin Jones

3 pages of fashion by David Cripps - These are in the middle pages and there is a rust line to the center from being held in a metal folder

The ringmaster - 4 pages with more images by Colin Jones includes Ned Sherrin

Condition: Very Good. 



The magazine shown in the image is of the actual issue for sale. As part of our ongoing attempts to protect our written data, the words MagazineCanteen and the diagonal lines have been added to our scan only, and do not appear on the actual magazine. In addition, the date of each issue may not be visible in the scan provided.