The Queen Magazine - Henri Cartier Bresson


The Queen Magazine 1959

Cover photography: John Donaldson

This is NOT a perfect copy - please read the condition report below

Within this issue. 

3 pages of interior images by John Hedgecoe


Focus on fabrics - 5 pages by David Olins

China and the west - 8 page of photography in China by Henri Cartier Bresson

A 1 page portrait of Miss Judy Nelson


This is not an entirely perfect issue. The glue of the issue has perished somewhat over the years. The spine is worn. The cover has browing marks from storage to all four edges

The entire magazine is complete but the issue should be handled with more care than a modern magazine. The pages - if handled roughly or opened too widely could be loosened rather easily. This is normal for an issue over 60 years old.