I-D Magazine Issue 2 - 1980

I-D Magazine

Rare Issue number 2 from 1980. 

This is a stapled issue, ( issues 1 and 2 were stapled copies )

42 pages. 

Includes photography by Thomas Degan. Steve Johnston. 

Includes a tremendous half page image of 'George' ( Boy George - dressed as a nun. ) by Simon Brown. Punks and more. 

A 1 and a half page feature on Milliner Stephen Jones, with images of his creations ona  female model by Peter Ashworth

1 page with Vivienne Lynn

A half page advert features Scarlett Cannon

And more.

Condition: Very few copies of this issue now exist. And those that do, are not easy to be parted with! This copy has some warping/wrinkling mainly to the cover page and the top middle of most pages. Perfectly clean and readable/scannable, otherwise.