Don't Tell It Magazine - Sandro Hyams

Don't Tell It Magazine.

Very scarce short-lived publication.

Cover: Image by Sandro Hyams


Pret a party - 1 page with Pigalle & Emma. 1 page with Enzo Junior. 1 page with Dane and Tracy. 1 page with Polly fae

9 pages of fashion by Patrice Felix Ichicaya

7 more   pages of fashion by Patrice Felix Ichicaya

2 pages with Lord Lew Grade

4 pages by Sandro Hyams

6 pages by Robert Allen

4 pages with Timothy Leary

A very English kink - 2 pages with Ray Davies

8 pages by Tony Heagren

6 pages by John Hicks

7 pages of fashion with Anna Sofie



Condition: Good.