Annabel Magazine - Hayley Mills

Annabel Magazine

A rare vintage issue from the 1970s

Cover by: Cornel Lucas  - The model has a look of Celia Hammond but we are not sure.


Those astonishing Mills Girls - A 4 page feature with Hayley Mills and Juliet Mills

A 4 page fashion editorial. Sadly the models and photographer are not credited. However, the male model appears to be the same man that appeared in a Brian Duffy editorial a few years previously. HERE - the styling seems similar so who knows.

Barbara and the Ballerina - 3 pages with dancer Ann Jenner and Barbara Rudd

2 pages with busy mum, Winifred Ewing

Condition: The main cover of this issue has some creasing and wear to the back cover. The rear cover has the name in pen from the delivery method.

The issue is large than the scan.