Honestly - Vogue was not a collection that we ever felt we would have such a huge archive of as we now do. We originally started our magazine collecting frenzy with titles like The Face and I-D. However circa 2005 this changed dramatically with the decision to, well, go for it.
Cut to 15 years later and we now have one large room on the top floor our home devoted to Vogue. The Vogue room! Collecting, completing and stocking this archive has took some doing. Over the past 15 years we've tried to obtain the best copies you could find. Never knowing where this will take us and what city we will be 'weekending' in. Sometimes a box. Sometimes a van. Always an adventure. 
Here, Vogue has a few styles of customer. A collector of either the model, a photographer or the stylist. Those that collect a celebrity and of course - birthday gifts for those born that month. With this in mind, It is important to stress that we strive to only offer the best condition copy we can find.
For every copy that does end up on MagazineCanteen - so many do not. For each fresh copy we stock - there are more than a handful just not good enough. Those either wait in the wings for desperate times, or are donated to a college, art student, or recycled. Each copy you see for sale has been checked and checked again to ensure all is correct. 
As well as UK Vogue ( we are based in the UK ) the Vogue room is expanding outwards as we start our recent obsessions with everything else Vogue. Personal favourites being Italian Vogue ( The Franca years ) as well as numerous other titles from around the globe slowly filling up as we go.  
May 05, 2021 — warren casey