Options For Men Magazine - Niki Lauda


Options For Men Magazine.

Dated: 1985

Cover:  Niki Lauda

Content within:

3 page report on Niki Lauda

Above the belt - 5 pages of fashion by Bardo Fabiani

Call this an office: 1 page each with Stephen Bayley. Jeffrey Archer. David Pocknell.

Polished performers - A 4 page advertorial with the actor Nick Pritchard by Belinda Banks

Condition: Good. Small fold to the top corner of the pages.


Options For Men Magazine was a very short-lived title. A spin-off from Options magazine for Women. A magazine for men when very few titles existed before the explosion of style magazines for men. These issues are extremely hard to find any information about, and even more impossible to find a physical copy. In short, a very scarce copy.