Marie Claire Magazine - Nicole Kidman


Marie Claire Magazine.

Cover Star: Nicole Kidman


3 pages with Nicole Kidman

I am Steve Coogan - 4 pages with Steve Coogan. With 2 images by David Bailey. 

3 pages with Claire Sweeney

Face of the future - A 1 page article with Heath Ledger. A main image plus a 6 question interview

8 pages with Rachel Kirby by Iris Brosh

Brave new world - 10 pages of editorial by Martin Brading with Sarah McNeilly

8 pages of fashion with Erika Wall. Erica Wall

10 pages with Griet Troch

Coat tales - 10 pages with Natalie Lyon

101 ideas - 8 pages of fashion with numerous small images with 3 models. One being Romala Garai


Condition: Good.