Esquire Magazine - Holby city Girls

Esquire Magazine.

Cover Star: Lisa Faulkner & Angela Griffin ( miscredited as Griffiths )


The interview - 5 pages with Martin Clunes

She wears it well - 2 pages with Kimberley Stewart - with one full page image by John Stoddart

1 page with author Boris Starling

6 pages with Lisa Faulkner & Angela Grifin

1 and a half page interview with Tommy Hilfiger

8 pages of fashion with the model Franco Musso

8 page editorial by Mike Penn includes Colin Egglesfield and others. 

8 page fashion editorial with Luciana Curtis and Mickey Hardt

1 and a half pages with the band Furslider


Condition: Good. However, please note. The rear cover has some wear and creasing.