You Magazine - Diana Rigg

You Magazine

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Misunderstood Miss Rigg - 3 pages with Diana Rigg

It's a steal - 4 pages with retired burglar Ray Church

The sky's the limit - 2 pages with Suzanne Vega

The rise and rise of - 3 pages with David Threlfall

A 5 page report on the Little Miss Petit beauty pageant

1 and a half pages with Celia Lipton

In bad company - 2 pages with Elmore Leonard

The yuppie cowboy 2 and a half pages with Dwight Yoakam

Another slice of Parkin - 3 pages with Molly Parkin

My body and I - 2 and a half pages with Paul Nicholas

2 pages of fashion by Carrie Branovan

Condition: Good