Vogue Italia Magazine - The Supermodels


Vogue Italia Magazine

December 1989

Cover model: Naomi Campbell

Linda Evangelista. Christy Turlington

Photographer: Steven Meisel

Condition: Very Good. Tightly bound cover next to the spine.


One of the most collectable of all issues of Italia Vogue.

In the UK in 1990 we had the famous 5 supermodel cover by Lindbergh. This is the Italian equivalent preceding the UK version by a month. Absolutely amazing throughout, with images still referenced in fashion magazines 30 years later.

Within this issue: Text copied from google. 


Model/Star: Tina Turner

Photographer: Peter Lindbergh


"Moulin Rouge"

Models: Naomi Campbell & Tatjana Patitz

Photographer: Herb Ritts



Model: Paloma Picasso

Photographer: Herb Ritts


"Don King"

Model: Don King

Photographer: Herb Ritts


"Essere Originali"

Model: Gisele Zelauy

Photographer: Javier Vallhonrat



Models: Cecilia Chancellor, Vanessa Duve & Unknowns

Photographer: Nick Knight


"It's Me K.D. Lang"

Model/Star: K.D. Lang

Photographer: Herb Ritts


"L.A. Stravaganza"

Models & Stars: Joby Heatherton, Darryl Hannah, Naomi Campbell, Christy Turlington, Dean Stockwell, George Maharis, Robin Givens, Lauren Hutton, Andy Donahue, Dennis Cole, Peggy Moffitt, Julie Newman, Bang Tango & Isabella Rossellini

Photographer: Steven Meisel



Model: Sebastian Cardin

Photographer: Gianpaolo Barbieri

Stylist: Anna Piaggi


"Maschera, Gestualitá, Travestimiento"

Models: Leslie Winer, Gabrielle Reece & Unknowns

Photographer: Albert Watson


"Storia di una Bellezza"

Model: Linda Evangelista

Photographer: Peter Lindbergh



Model: Unknown

Photographer: Ian Thomas



Model: Lara Harris

Photographer: Wayne Maser