TV Life Magazine - Richard O'Sullivan

TV Life Magazine

A rare TV guide title from 1975

Cover star: Richard O'Sullivan - Please read the condition report below



Looking at life - 2 pages with Mary Parkinson

A 1 page article with Michael Aspel, shirtless having acupuncture

Funny lady - 2 pages on Barbra Streisand with images by Steve Schapiro

A knockabout face - 2 pages with James Caan

5 and a half pages at home with the stars of Steptoe and son - Wilfried Brambell and Harry H Corbett

The art of looking smart - 2 pages with 4 images of Anthony Valentine by Dick Swayne

Stop worrying and be beautiful - 2 pages of beauty with 10 images of Angharad Rees by Tony Boase

This tough bird - 3 pages with Barbara Windsor - including a large image by Bert Hill

2 pages with Pauline Collins

Condition: The main cover and some pages have a water stain and a crease fold to the top right. The main cover is loose from the staples with tears at the edges and the rear