TV Hits Magazine - BAD BOYS INC


TV Hits Magazine:

Date: 1994

Cover star: n/a 


I want to be loved - 2 pages with David Dixon from Home and Away

The T4ke That articles has been removed. 3 pages

1 page poster and half page interview with Kimberley Davies

Super Sexy - 1 page poster and 1 page article  with Dean Cain 

1 page surfing article with Let Loose

Workaholic - 1 page with Melissa George

1 page poster and half page article with Simon Denny

Pop Quiz - 3 pages with Bad Boys Inc

A 1 page interview with Hugh Grant plus a 1 page poster

In the hot seat - A 1 page interview with Peter Cunnah from D: Ream 

Condition: As mentioned a 3 page article has been removed.

A crease bend to the left side of the magazine at the spine. A curl to the top corner of the pages.