Top Of The Pops Magazine 55 - S Club 7

Top Of The Pops Magazine

Date Of Publication: 1999

Cover star: S Club 7 



4 pages with S Club 7

2 pages with A1

A 3/4 page interview with Brett and Ollie and Declan from Point Break - Also a full page advert later on for 'Do We Rock'

1 page interview with Martine McCutcheon

Half a page with Northern Line

A middle page poster has been removed

2 pages with Lolly

1 page at the races with 911

2 pages with The Vengaboys

Are you talkin to me? - 2 pages with Ricky Martin. 4 dancing images in red shirt and interview

A 1 and 3/4 page interview with Faye Tozer from Steps

Condition: Good