The Sunday Times - Fiona Pitt Kethley


The Sunday Times Magazine

Cover: Suez ( article extracted from a book release of the time )


Relative values - 1 and a half-page interview with Eva Figes and daughter Kate

Warlords of the fringe - A 5-page report with groups taking the law into their own hands - images by David Reed

Rude awaking - 3 pages with Fiona Pitt Kethley

Stars and gripes - A 5-page report in Suffolk villages with images by Homer Sykes

Four feuding aristocrats - 3 pages on Mark Boyle, Joan Hills and children Sebastian and Georgia. Photographed by David Montgomery

Posh Chinese nosh - 2 pages with Lisa Kinsman

A life in the day - 1 page interview with Naim Attallah

Condition: Good.