The Observer Magazine - Jimi Hendrix Martin Sharpe A

The Observer Magazine.

Cover story: The collectable 'Hippie' Issue.

With an image by Adrian Flowers


A feature on who's who of the underground including small articles on Richard Neville ( Oz Magazine ) and others.

A feature on Flower Power includes an illustration of Bob Dyland by Martin Sharpe. A version of this was used for a cover of Oz Magazine.

Followed by an almost 2 page image by Patrick Ward of hippies on a car in front of psychedelic posters of the time. Later - one more image by Patrick Ward includes Michael English, Nigel Weymouth and Guy Stevens

The Jimi Hendrix experience - A rare 2-page feature with Jimi Hendrix. The article includes 1 colour image by Terence Donovan plus a love image by Bruce Fleming

A 2 page image by Terence Donovan with Kit Lambert, Chris Stamp and Arthur Brown

A 3 page fashion article later in the issue by Ronald Trager - a tiny sticky mark to the edge of this page. 



Condition: An extremely good copy. Practically as good as the day it came out for just one day almost 55 years ago. An exceptional example.