10 Men Magazine 2 - Luke Smalley

Ten Men Magazine

The second-ever issue

Issue 2 from  2004 

Photography within this issue by:

I collect - 6 portraits - includes: Andreas Kronthaler. Paul Smith. Joseph Corre. Tony Gross. Julian Ganio. Daniel Barton

David Vasiljevic - 15 pages

Mattias Karlsson - 12 pages

Collier Schorr - 19 pages

Bill Georgoussis - 10 pages with Danny Beauchamp

Dirk Seiden Schwan - 14 pages

David Armstrong - 24 fantastic full-page portraits

Benjamin Alexander Huseby - 11 pages

Clare Shilland 17 pages

Smalley - Luke Smalley - 13 pages of Lucas Kerr and Andrew Cooper.

Condition: Very Good. Small bump crease to the top and bottom left corner. The bottom of the cover has a very very feint area where you can see the issue has been leaned on to write a sentence on some other paper. You have to really look to see it but mentioned for accuracy.