Tatler Magazine - Roman Polanski

Tatler Magazine

Cover image by Stan Wan

Please read the condition report below



This hectic life - 2 pages with Emma Soames. Images by Tim Jenkins

Roman a clef - 3 pages with Roman Polanski

French polish - 2 pages with 1 large and 1 small image of Carole Bouquet - damage to the bottom of the page

3 pages with David Bailey - including a portrait by John Swannell - damage to the bottom of the page

Mandy the moth is back in town - 2 pages with Mandy Rice-Davies.

Condition: The magazine does have a waft of 'cellar storage' to it. This issue has been stored in a basement for many years. I suspect that this will pass if aired nicely.  The magazine has suffered some water damage in the past and some pages have a small waterstain damage to the bottom. All pages are perfectly readable.