Superstars Magazine - Debbie Gibson


Superstars Magazine

Year of publication: 1989

Country of publication: USA

Cover star:  Debbie Gibson



If i could do it all over. One page with Johhny Depp

2 pages with Sean Astin

6 pages on Debbie Gibson

Poster pages: Wil Wheaton. Duran Duran (simon, nick, john) Corey Haim. Alyssa Milano. Trey Ames. Kirk Cameron. Fred Savage. River Phoenix ( shirt open one nipple showing ) 

Great one page poster of Menudo with Ricky Martin in the middle wearing red and white Adidas T shirt.

2 page interview with Bros

1 page poster and one page article with Tiffany

Condition: Good. Small fold to the bottom corner.