Smash Hits Magazine - Britney Spears & Justin + gift


Smash Hits Magazine

Year of publication: 2002

Cover star. Britney & Justin ( includes Paul Doll! )

Within this issue:


The real  pink lady - 2 pages with Pink

A is for - A1 - 3 page article ( includes Ben Adams )

In the hot seat - 2 pages with Jon and Tina from S Club 7

Hot for 2002. A 4 page article with: Stefan Booth. Lee Ryan from Blue. Ian Watkins from Lost Prophets. Warren Stacey. Christina Milian. Emily Corrie. Anthony Scot Lee.

hate male - 2 pages with Limp Bizkit

2 pages with Justin and Britney


Condition:  Good. 

This issue came with a free gift. A Blow up pop doll.  4 styles were available. This issue includes the doll Paul from S club 7. This issue is still sealed but as this rubber will be 16 years old I can not verify that it would stay inflated if used.