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  • Smash Hits Magazine

    Year of publication: 2001

    Cover star. Victoria Beckham A

    This issue came with a choice of 2 covers. This is the issue shwon in the image above.

    Within this issue:


    Lucky Star - 2 pages with Britney Spears

    Soul Model - 1 page with Mary J Blige

    1 page with Sunshine Anderson

    Posh's Men United - 4 pages with Victoria Beckham 

    Saturday night - 2 pages with Blue

    Mel it like it is - 2 pages with Melanie Blatt from All Saints

    In the hot seat - 2 pages with Mis-Teeq

    1 page with Hear'Say

    Heartbreaker - 1+1/2 page article with Jennifer Love Hewitt includes an interview.

    Survivors - 1 page with The Charlatans

    Condition:  Very Good.