Smash Hits Magazine - The Backstreet Boys


Smash Hits Magazine

Year of publication: 2000

Cover star. The Backstreet Boys

Main articles to mention.

bezzie Mates - 2 pages with Shane and Nicky from Westlife

Turn up the heat - 1 page with Nick from 98 degrees

Two cool - 2 pages with Abs Breen and Richard Blackwood

While they were sleeping - 2 pages with S Club 7

In the sack - 2 page interview with Martine McCutcheon

4 pages with The Backstreet Boys

Please note - the middle page poster has been removed

Garden party - 1 page with Darren Hayes

Independent women - 2 pages with Beyonce and Destiny's Child

I wish boys had boobs - 2 pages with A1


Condition:  Good. With the middle poster removed