Smash Hits Magazine - Ritchie Neville Five


Smash Hits Magazine

Year of publication: 2000

Cover star. Ritchie Neville Five 

Main articles to mention.


When Billy met Steven - 2 page with Stephen Gately and Jamie Bell

2 page interview with Faye Tozer from Steps

It's true - we're going out - 2 pages with Brian from Westlife and Kerry Katona

Saints Misbehavin - 1 page article with All Saints

Middle page poster has been removed!

Roses are red - 3 pages with Ritchie Neville

How savage is Darren? - 1+1/2 pages with Darren Hayes

1 page with Mark from A1

I'm no shy guy - 2 pages with Mark from Westlife

Jon of the jungle - 2 pages with Jon from S Club 7

Condition:  Good. Middle page poster has been removed.