Smash Hits Magazine - Five ( 5ive )

 Smash Hits Magazine

Year of publication: 1999

Cover star. Five

Main articles to mention.

3 pages with B*witched

4 pages with Five

2 pages with Cleopatra

On shop of the world - 1 page with Britney Spears

Page 25/27 has a small corner cut away to play a game. This effects ever so slightly a page on the band 'mytown'

1 page with Boyzone

1 page with Ian and Faye from Steps

2 pages with Billie Piper

2 page interview with Kavana

Page 60 has a crossword completed and some doodling to a quiz page

3/4 page interview with Brian Harvey from East 17

Condition:  The cover has a small piece of tape where a free gift was once held