Purple Fashion Magazine 11 - Diane Von Furstenberg

Purple Fashion Magazine.

Issue 11 from 2009

Features A cover of Diane Von Furstenberg

Dimensions. 23cm x 30cm

A large feature with Diane Von Furstenberg inside her home, joined with models Jessica Stam and Natasa Vojnovic - a fantastic shoot.

A large feature with Aurel Schmidt

Editorial with Laura dern to promote Inland Empire

Vincent Darre and boyfriend Elie Top 14 pages


A large feature with Mark Gonzales - includes Behati Prinsloo

6 pages of nudes with Christina Kruse

6 pages with Barack Obama by Terry Richardson

7 pages of polaroids with Courtney Love by Steven Klein

Large editorial with JamieBouchert

4 pages with Melvil Poupaud and Kate Moss

Condition: Excellent.

The supplement is not included.