Nylon Magazine - Gwen Stefani

Nylon Magazine

Cover model: Gwen Stefani



The outsider - 2 pages with Clea Duvall

2 pages with The Donnas

First run - 1 page with Dante Smith - Mos Def

2 pages with Rah Digga

Wanted - 2 pages with Jon Bon Jovi - includes 2 images by Platon

6 pages with Gwen Stefani

8 pages of fashion with Michelle Ferrara

Small town big dreams - 10 pages of fashion with Isabeli Fontana by Kayt Jones

Pulling power - 6 pages of fashion with Jade Parfitt by Robert Nettarp

6 pages with Kelsey Campbell

JFK inn and out - 8 pages of editorial by Derrick Santini - includes one image with Eugene Hutz from Gogol Bordello

4 pages by David Slijper 

Condition: Very Good.