Night & Day Magazine - Darius Danesh

Night & Day Magazine

Year of publication: 2004

Cover star:  - Darius Danesh

Featured within:

Toby or not Toby - 3 pages with Toby Young

Cutting it - 3 pages with Darius Danesh

If looks could kill - 1 page with Chiaki Kuriyama


Condition: Small sliver of fading to the edge of the cover. 

Dimensions of this issue 27cm x 35cm


Please note: This is an oversized issue. Due to the extensive postage increase to the USA - this issue will be sent carefully bent around two pieces of stiff card, in order for this to be posted as a large letter. An example of this is shown.

If multiple issues are purchased - this can possibly be avoided if your order is placed in a large parcel.