Marie Claire Magazine - Patricia Hartman

Marie Claire Magazine.

Cover Star: Patricia Hartman


4 pages of various couples photographed nude by Jillian Edelstein

Class of Bjork - A 6 page feature with Bjork and her friends.

Night and day - A 3 page report on the day in the life with Faye Dunaway

Calling the shots - 1 page with Jennifer Tilly

12 pages of fashion by Martin Brading with Kim Iglinsky and Simone Van Baal

8 pages with Tully Jansen

8 pages with Shiraz Tal by Judson Baker

China girl - 6 pages with Carolina Benezet Brown

Calvin Klein's world of music - 2 pages with Vanessa Mae. 1 page with Shawn Colvin and 1 page with Barry Manilow. 1 page with Karl Raymond and 1 page with Eternal

A large beauty editorial by Sarah Maingot includes a full page with a young Melanie Thierry

Condition: Very Good. A Benetton ad has an area of damage from the removal of a small catalogue which was glued within.