Man's Journal Magazine - Patrick MacNee

Man's Journal Magazine.


An extremely RARE 40 page special supplement issue from the female fashion title. 


A cover of Patrick MacNee photographed by Graham Finlayson 

Within this issue

A tremendous fashion editorial photographed by Graham Finlayson. The edit is entitled 'Strange case of the green girl" 

A 9-page spread. The fantastic edit stars Patrick MacNee who appears in 12 images on the hunt for the mysterious girl in green. The girl in green is portrayed by Jane Birkin. Jane only appears in one small image reflected in a mirror and then one image with Patrckl at the conclusion of the story.

Patrick wears a variety of different clothing in each image, and the fashion items are detailed at the end.

This really is a treasure, and an outstanding shoot that is practically impossible to find.

Condition: Very Good