I-D Magazine 82 - Kirsten Owen 1990


I-D Magazine.

ID Issue: 82 from July 1990

Although a collectible Spike Island issue, please read the condition report below.

The Anarchy issue.

Cover model: Kirsten Owen by Paolo Roversi

6 pages by Brett Dee

5 pages by Craig McDean

2 more pages of Kirsten Owen by Paolo Roversi

Hippy hour -11 pages of various festival images ( including Spike Island ) by various including Juergen Teller, Nigel Shafran, Travis, and Dan Wooten.

Condition: Good. With 2 small problems. The cover has a small mark on the D of ID - Inside, two pages relating to the hippy hour article have two areas of biro markings. Please look at the image supplied.


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