G-Spot Magazine - Geri Halliwell

GSpot Magazine

A rare short-lived UK fashion magazine

Cover Model: Geri Halliwell from The Spice Girls


Suck - Cess on a plate - 2 pages with Octopus

Stalking the spice girls - A 6 page feature trying to track down and interview The Spice Girls - unsuccessfully! A diary of the challenge and images of fans but no major SG article

The kids are alright - from the streets of Britain - A 6 page feature with various youngsters. 14 images by 'Alasdair Ewan McLellan' - quite possible some of the earliest ever work by the now legendary Alasdair McLellan. Also - see more below

King of clubs - 2 pages with Alex Reece

Mighty Morphin Metalheadz - A 6 page feature with images by Alan Clarke. Includes Goldie

Tender is the nike - 5 pages of fashion by Alan Clarke with Estella and Sam

Lounge lizard of Oz - 2 pages with David Graney - Main image by Alasdair McLellan

Condition: Very Good.