Flair Magazine - David Olins

Flair Magazine.

Cover image: Model by David Olins




New angle on separates - 5 pages by David Olins

Spring close ups - 5 pages by Philip Modica

Flair girl - A model on a  weekend in London - 4 images by Robert Belton

In my fashion - 3 pages with artist Marion Wilson. Images by Paul Anthony

Spring brides - 6 pages by Vic Singh. One misprint of a colour line across 2 of these images.

Spring Brides Scene Stealers - 6 pages of fashion by John Cole. A print line error also across 2 of these pages. See example

Going for a song - 1 page by Peter Barry 

Condition: Good. A fold to the top corner of the cover and the print error on two pages as mentioned.