Fabulous 208 Magazine - Francois Hardy

Fabulous 208 Magazine. 

Cover: Francois Hardy and others



Married to Marianne - 1 page on Marriane Faithfull by John Dunbar plus 1 page poster

1 page with Gary Leeds

Its masculine - 2 pages of fashion with Male band The V.I.P'S - Frank Kenyon. James Hanshaw Mike Harrison ( quote from wikipedia - The V.I.P.'s were a British R&B musical ensemble formed in CarlisleCumberland, England[1] in late 1963, out of an earlier outfit known as The Ramrods, who had formed in Carlisle in 1960. From a musical reorientation the band changed their name to Art in 1967, and released the album Supernatural Fairy Tales. )

Various 1 page poster images. 

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