Esquire Magazine - Tom Hanks

Esquire Magazine.

March 1994

Cover Star: Tom Hanks

2 pages with Jack Dee

1 page with Julia Fordham

Amg=ongst friends - A 2 page promotion for J&B whiskey at the polo lounge. INcludea a large group shot across two pages by John Stoddart

2 pages with Chris Penn

Spielberg comes of age - A 4 page article with Steven Spielberg

4 pages with Tom Hanks.

Mad about the girl - 2 pages with Madchen Amick with 4 images by Mark Anderson

5 pages of dogs photographed by Richard Burbridge

5 pages with Paul Daniels - includes images by Tim O'Sullivan plus interview

Drive - 8 pages of editorial by Jonathan Glynn Smith


Condition: Very Good.