Esquire Magazine - Donna Air

Esquire Magazine.

April 1999

Cover Star: Donna Air

Revenge - images by Steve Shaw includes just one more page with Donna Air. 1 page with Angela Griffin. 1 page with Lisa Faulkner. 

bang bang its georgia McKenzie - 2 pages - includes a 1 page image by John Stoddart

Laughter lines. 1 page each with. 

Nathaniel Parker. Adam and Joe

Max Beesley. Richard Blackwood. Jack Davenport. Matthew Marsden

Editorial includes Billy White. Edward Ferguson ( brother of Rosemary ) 

2 pages with Georgia MacKenzie

1 page interview with Rowland Rivron

Music - A 1 page feature on GusGus Gus Gus - includes a large group shot in the shower

Condition: Very good.