Elle Magazine - Suzanne Lanza

Elle Magazine 

Cover Model: Suzanne Lanza

Photographer if known: Robert Erdmann

5 pages of Olympic hopefuls by Andrew MacPherson

Dish of the day - 3 pages with Joan Collins

Tall dark and phantom - 3 pages with Liam Neeson. Includes a one page portrait of Liam in a vest by Philip Dixon

Emma pulls it off - 2 pages with Emma Thompson

Fashion article includes 3 pages with Roberta Chirko

8 pages of fashion with Naomi Campbell by Terence Donovan

2 pages with Carla Bruni

2 pages with Susie Bick

6 pages of Vivienne Westwood fashion - includes an article with Vivienne Westwood. Clothing modelled by Sarah Stockbridge. plus one page with Joseph Corre and Susie Bick

20 pages of Miss Selfidge advertisement - includes 8 pages with Susie Bick

A clothing pattern by John Galliano - modelled by Susie Bick


Condition: Surname to the cover from delivery.