Elle Magazine - Claudia Schiffer


Elle Magazine

Cover Model: Claudia Schiffer

Photographer if known: Andre Rau


A 2 page ad for Mui Mui with Chloe Sevigny

3 pages with Dolce & Gabbana

3 pages with Karen Mulder

2 page interview with Keith Allen and Damien Hirst. Also includes Eddie Izzard

The cult leader - 2 pages with Ewan McGregor

Mr and Mrs Beverly Hills - 14 page Editorial with Farah ( second name unknown ) and male model Mark Keller - photographed in an around a mid century home. There are 7 images of Mark

Modern dance - 8 pages with Yasmeen Ghauri

Best buys - 6 pages with James King

Mono Chic - 4 pages with Kiara Kabukuru

Condition: Very Good.