Elle Magazine - Catherine Zeta Jones

Elle Magazine

Cover Model: Catherine Zeta-Jones

Photographer if known: Sante D' Orazio


Mistry Man - 1 page with Jim Mistry

Star lover - 1 page with Justine Waddell

7 pages with Catherine Zeta-Jones

A 5 page feature with Erin O'Connor and Karen Elson

A-Z of glamour. A large editorial by Sante D'Orazio - with images throughout including: Naomi Campbell. Ana Claudia. Fernanda Tavares. Sarah Thomas. Kiara. Diane Gartner. 

Large fashion editorial with Khadra Omar

6 pages of beauty with Fernanda Tavares and Danielle Zinaich


Condition: The main cover has some creasing and wear with a  few scratches.