Elle Magazine - Helena Christensen


Elle Magazine


Cover Model: Helena Christensen

Photographer if known: Patrick Shaw

Girl power - David Bailey portfolio includes images of KD Lang. Justine Frischmann. Sharleen Spiteri. Lisa Stansfield. Cerys Matthew. Tori Amos. Suzanne Vega and others. Varying in size. 

5 pages with the cast of this life. Includes Jack Davenport. Luisa Bradshaw White. Steve John Shepherd. Daniela Nardini. Ramon Tikaram. AL is not included. 

2 pages with Jason Maddox

6 pages with Laura Ponte

3 pages with Erin O'Connor

6 pages of beauty with Jaime Rishaw


Condition: Good. At one stage in the issue, a one page skincare advert has been half removed due to a free sample tearing the page. This does not affect the articles mentioned.